Awesome Arts!


The moment some of you have been waiting for! The second part of the two-part post! (Well, really they’re two separate posts, but whatevs!) I have videos for each for each of the arts: art, drama and music.

First Of All: Art

Then Drama:


And here is a little bit of everything(For that last option in the poll(It’s also by the same person who made the first video):

All those videos are amazing. I think that’s all I have to say. Although, I doubt that whoever reads this will ever watch all these videos. But that’s cool, I respect that.

One last thing: Riddles

The last answer? A candle.

A new riddle? Here: Lighter than I am made of,more of me is hidden than seen. What am I?

Till next time, try to watch all these videos, kay?


Artsy Polls!

Well, this is something I don’t usually do. But thisĀ is a newborn blog, so I guess I can start now.

And the moment of truth…

Aren’t polls just wonderful?

But get this: This is just PART ONE in a TWO PART post! So keep checking back for the second part; which, at the most, should be here in a week.

So till next time, don’t art in the toilet.