What Do You See?

Oh! Hello there! Want something cool? What I got for you wonderful people reading this today are a couple of OPTICAL ILLUSIONS! OOOoooooOOOOoooooo!! Some are classic, some are fairly modern, either way, who doesn’t love seeing seemingly impossible stuff!? moving cylinder illusion

I’d say this is a fairly modern illusion. If I look at it long enough, I see that the middle cylinder thing is moving! Someone please tell me I’m not the only one seeing this and not going crazy!

Duck-Rabbit_illusionAaaaahhhhhh! A classic! I remember seeing this one as a young child! I think most people can shift between seeing the duck and rabbit. But what do you see first? To be honest I see the duck first. Quack.

impossible cubeYessiree! Here comes another recent one. This one REALLY stumps me! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE!? With th-the everything out of the center, and the perspective and the stars!? AHHHHH!! SOMEONE ANSWER MEE!!: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE! ARGH!


My mind was blown.

Sorry if that happened to you too. Let’s just take the stress off our eyes for a moment because I have a riddle for you!

Ahem. What has no beginning, middle or end?

Until I get my mind back, try to leave a comment saying what you see and your answer to the riddle. Good Luck!

P.S Don’t be a cheaty-cheat and use the power of Google to solve the riddle. Okay?