The Kelpie

Hello and Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone!

Gather round the pixelated fire, children of the internet. For, this St. Patick’s day, I will tell a tale of Irish (Celtic) folklore; not one of leprechauns or unicorns, but one of a killer…

KelpieNow you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover in this legend. The Kelpie is a watery creature that is said to haunt the waters of Ireland and Scotland. Kelpies usually takes the form of a beautiful horse that appears to be lost. You can usually tell the difference from a Kelpie and a regular horse by the dripping wet mane and the fact that it’s near a large body of water.

They are devious creatures who like to trick and trap humans; usually children. For kids, they turn into the pretty little pony of the kid’s dreams and encourage them by nudging them playfully and whatever a playful horse does, once the child is on its back, its skin becomes extremely sticky; trapping the child. The Kelpie then leaps into the water, drowning its victims before devouring them.kelpie2

I’ve always admired horses and all their forms. Unicorns, pegasi and centaurs,  they’re probably more too. But, I’ve never heard of a dark and gruesome tale of a horse like this. I still respect the Kelpie though, it has certainly earned it with its fearsome reputation.

Oh, and you may or may not have noticed that I haven’t told the answer to my last post’s riddle. This is the riddle; What is so fragile that even saying its name can break it; and this is the answer:riddleanswer - StickiNote

So congratulations to jamesbondsmom! You should follow their blog for more posts about stuff we can believe or not; like this one.

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My life can be measured in hours, I serve by being devoured. Thin, I am quick . Fat, I am slow. Your wind is my foe.

And till next time, beware the Kelpie..