Auto-Correct Fails

Dear, Auto-Correct

Oh the days we spent together, I remember when I typed “going” wrong as “gonig” and you saved me from embarrassment.  But, why. Why, why WHY do you ruin my texts so often!?

Auto-Correct: I’m not going to lie to you; so here’s the truth: Almost everyone hates you. You have ta keep up with da internet slang dees dayz! lol. rofl. lmfao. And so on and so forth. But even though you embarrass some of us really badly, you end up making us laugh; or making two friends never to talk to each other again… But you mostly give us laughs.

Here’s some fails that gave me the serious case of the giggles, hope they die the same to you! Ohmigod, I meant do.


boogerfailautocorrectI may have almost died of suffocation/laughter. If you DO kinda want to die of laughter you should really check out this site.

Clicki Here!…. If you want to die….

Till next time, bathe in Nutella