Awesome Arts!


The moment some of you have been waiting for! The second part of the two-part post! (Well, really they’re two separate posts, but whatevs!) I have videos for each for each of the arts: art, drama and music.

First Of All: Art

Then Drama:


And here is a little bit of everything(For that last option in the poll(It’s also by the same person who made the first video):

All those videos are amazing. I think that’s all I have to say. Although, I doubt that whoever reads this will ever watch all these videos. But that’s cool, I respect that.

One last thing: Riddles

The last answer? A candle.

A new riddle? Here: Lighter than I am made of,more of me is hidden than seen. What am I?

Till next time, try to watch all these videos, kay?


Artsy Polls!

Well, this is something I don’t usually do. But this is a newborn blog, so I guess I can start now.

And the moment of truth…

Aren’t polls just wonderful?

But get this: This is just PART ONE in a TWO PART post! So keep checking back for the second part; which, at the most, should be here in a week.

So till next time, don’t art in the toilet.

The Kelpie

Hello and Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone!

Gather round the pixelated fire, children of the internet. For, this St. Patick’s day, I will tell a tale of Irish (Celtic) folklore; not one of leprechauns or unicorns, but one of a killer…

KelpieNow you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover in this legend. The Kelpie is a watery creature that is said to haunt the waters of Ireland and Scotland. Kelpies usually takes the form of a beautiful horse that appears to be lost. You can usually tell the difference from a Kelpie and a regular horse by the dripping wet mane and the fact that it’s near a large body of water.

They are devious creatures who like to trick and trap humans; usually children. For kids, they turn into the pretty little pony of the kid’s dreams and encourage them by nudging them playfully and whatever a playful horse does, once the child is on its back, its skin becomes extremely sticky; trapping the child. The Kelpie then leaps into the water, drowning its victims before devouring them.kelpie2

I’ve always admired horses and all their forms. Unicorns, pegasi and centaurs,  they’re probably more too. But, I’ve never heard of a dark and gruesome tale of a horse like this. I still respect the Kelpie though, it has certainly earned it with its fearsome reputation.

Oh, and you may or may not have noticed that I haven’t told the answer to my last post’s riddle. This is the riddle; What is so fragile that even saying its name can break it; and this is the answer:riddleanswer - StickiNote

So congratulations to jamesbondsmom! You should follow their blog for more posts about stuff we can believe or not; like this one.

Clicki here for facts about urban legends!


My life can be measured in hours, I serve by being devoured. Thin, I am quick . Fat, I am slow. Your wind is my foe.

And till next time, beware the Kelpie..

Auto-Correct Fails

Dear, Auto-Correct

Oh the days we spent together, I remember when I typed “going” wrong as “gonig” and you saved me from embarrassment.  But, why. Why, why WHY do you ruin my texts so often!?

Auto-Correct: I’m not going to lie to you; so here’s the truth: Almost everyone hates you. You have ta keep up with da internet slang dees dayz! lol. rofl. lmfao. And so on and so forth. But even though you embarrass some of us really badly, you end up making us laugh; or making two friends never to talk to each other again… But you mostly give us laughs.

Here’s some fails that gave me the serious case of the giggles, hope they die the same to you! Ohmigod, I meant do.


boogerfailautocorrectI may have almost died of suffocation/laughter. If you DO kinda want to die of laughter you should really check out this site.

Clicki Here!…. If you want to die….

Till next time, bathe in Nutella

Sweet Fwee Games!

Hello! How are you? I am AWESOME! I just got my mind back. Ahhhhh, now I can tell you the answer to the riddle! Ahem. It was…… A DOUGHNUT! Mmmmmmmm….. If you can, eat one to mock its kind. MWAHAHAHA!


Okay, where is my coffee? Grrr… Oh well. I think you guys deserve to have some fun on the internet! If you don’t want to spend a long time online. TURN BACK NOW!

Sweet Fwee Game 1: Plink! This is an awesome online multi-player musical game that will keep you playing for a loooong time! You can’t mess up! Just click to make music and change colours for different sounds! But really, you CAN’T mess up! Try if you will, you’ll only harmonize will everyone else. WARNING: You’ll need Google Chrome.

And a little preview:

Play Plink!

Sweet Fwee Game Two: Harmony. This is an artistic little.. thing. Not much of a game really, more of a utility or something. But I did spend a while testing out the different brush styles. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture to show what Harmony is like. You’re just going to have to discover it for yourself. Have fun! I just hope you’re better at drawing with a mouse than I am.

Beeeeuuuooooootiful HARMONY!

Sweet Fwee Game Thwee: And Everything Started to Fall. If you hang around me at the back of the class, you’ll hear me say “And then everything fell down” a lot. This is why. I know it’s not the game title but it’s similar and I really like this game; the goal is to get to the top without dying. It’s a platformer and as you get higher up, you grow older and it gets slower. There are shortcuts and long ways, and just like in life, they have their own consequences. Now see why I like to use this phrase.

And Then Everything Fell Down…err And Everything Started to Fall

Well, if you read all this and don’t want to play these games, Bravo! Have a riddle!

What is so fragile that even saying its name can break it?

And again. Don’t cheat. See y’all later!

What Do You See?

Oh! Hello there! Want something cool? What I got for you wonderful people reading this today are a couple of OPTICAL ILLUSIONS! OOOoooooOOOOoooooo!! Some are classic, some are fairly modern, either way, who doesn’t love seeing seemingly impossible stuff!? moving cylinder illusion

I’d say this is a fairly modern illusion. If I look at it long enough, I see that the middle cylinder thing is moving! Someone please tell me I’m not the only one seeing this and not going crazy!

Duck-Rabbit_illusionAaaaahhhhhh! A classic! I remember seeing this one as a young child! I think most people can shift between seeing the duck and rabbit. But what do you see first? To be honest I see the duck first. Quack.

impossible cubeYessiree! Here comes another recent one. This one REALLY stumps me! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE!? With th-the everything out of the center, and the perspective and the stars!? AHHHHH!! SOMEONE ANSWER MEE!!: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE! ARGH!


My mind was blown.

Sorry if that happened to you too. Let’s just take the stress off our eyes for a moment because I have a riddle for you!

Ahem. What has no beginning, middle or end?

Until I get my mind back, try to leave a comment saying what you see and your answer to the riddle. Good Luck!

P.S Don’t be a cheaty-cheat and use the power of Google to solve the riddle. Okay?